Page 9 - 10th CIGRE SA Regional Conference - Transforming the power system for future generations
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Technical Papers

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              Session 2
              Power system technical performance, Power System Operation
              & Control, and Power System Environmental Performance

         8.   System adequacy metrics: International review and potential applications for South Africa

              Authors: J. Wright and J. Calitz
              Presenter: J. Wright

          9.  Managing controllable thermal loads to impact the power system rate of change

              of frequency
              Authors: O. Bosaletsi and Prof. W. Cronje
              Presenter: O. Bosaletsi

        10.   Impact of Extremely Low System Loading on Frequency and Small Signal Stability
              during the Pandemic
              Authors: N. Gumede, M. Ntusi, B. Siavhe, T. Modisane, P.Davel, and T. Machabe
              Presenter: N. Gumede

        11.   Analysis of Power System Low Frequency Oscillations from Phasor Measurement Units
              using Eigenvalue Analysis Methods
              Authors: T. Machabe and K. Nixon
              Presenter: T. Machabe
        12.   Subtransmission power system amelioration through increased power transfer: A review

              Authors: M. Lyon and J. de Kock
              Presenter: M. Lyon
        13.   Determining vulnerability parameters for power generation fleet to adverse

              environmental conditions
              Authors: M. Viljoen and J. de Kock
              Presenter: M. Viljoen
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