Page 8 - 10th CIGRE SA Regional Conference - Transforming the power system for future generations
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Technical Papers

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              Session 1
              Overhead Lines, Substations & Electrical Installations,
              and DC systems & Power Electronics

          1.  Considerations for reconfiguring the transmission network

              Authors: T.P. Maphumulo and T. Bengani
              Presenter: T.P. Maphumulo

          2.  Experimental evaluation of the efficiency of a temporary ground anchor system

              Authors: B. Jordaan, B. Jacobs, and P. Timba
              Presenter: P. Timba

          3.  Investigation into 8.5mm diameter 40% copper-clad steel rod as replacement for 10mm

              dimameter copper rod for substation earthing applications
              Authors: T. Marais
              Presenter: T. Marais

         4.   A Twelve Month Field Analysis of New Overhead Line Conductor Coatings to Increase
              Ampacity/Reduce Power Losses in South Africa: Performance and Durability Assessments
              Authors: O. Higbee, N. Coogan, and A. Swanson
              Presenter: N. Coogan

          5.  An Alternative Semi-Autonomous Method to Erect Overhead Line Towers
              Authors: B. Jacobs, D. Desai, and L. du Plessis
              Presenter: B. Jacobs

          6.  The application of remotely piloted aircraft System (RPAS) for powerline inspections
              Authors: O.F. Duiker, S. Biyela, E. Mathebula, N. Mahatho, N. Parus, L. Motsei, A. Mashao, N. Ndima,
              G. Nekhavhambe, and J. Mathebula
              Presenter: O.F. Duiker
          7.  Using an Analytical Hierarchy Process to identify areas of Land Instability within the Eskom

              Transmission Grid
              Authors: T. Mpaphuli, K. Liebenberg, L. Monama, and S. Mushabe
              Presenter: T. Mpaphuli
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