Page 7 - 10th CIGRE SA Regional Conference - Transforming the power system for future generations
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              Tutorial Presentations
              Tutorial 1: B5

              Protection, Automation, and Control of the Evolving Grid.
              Presented by: Dr. A. Apostolov, USA and Dr. N. Nair, New Zealand

              Tutorial 2: D2

              Transport Networks for utilities.
              Presented by: G.P. Mbouyap, Canada

              Tutorial 3: C6
              Rural Electrification.
              Presented by: Kurt Dedekind, South Africa

              Feedback Session Presentations

              A1 -   Rotating Electrical Machines, Mark Bruintjies

              A2 -   Transformers and Reactors, Adesh Singh

              A3 -   Transmission and Distribution Equipment, Sibongile Maphosa

              B1 -   Insulated Cables, Queeneth Khumalo

              B2 -   Overheard Lines, Andreas Beutel

              B3 -   Substations and Electrical Installations, Philip Konig

              B4 -   DC Systems and Power Electronics, Vuyani Masuku

              B5 -   Protection and Automation, Anita Oommen

              C1 -   Power System Development and Economics, Makoanyane Theku

              C2 -   Power System Operation and Control, Marathon Ntusi

              C3 -   Power System Environmental Performance, Rudi Kruger

              C4 -   Power System Technical Performance, Brandon Peterson

              C5 -   Electricity Markets and Regulation, Jarrad Wright

              C6 -   Activity Distribution Systems & Distribution Energy Resources, Kurt Dedekind

              D1 -   Materials and Emerging Test Techniques, Nishal Mahatho

              D2 -   Information System and Telecommunications, Zwelandile Mbebe
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