Page 6 - 10th CIGRE SA Regional Conference - Transforming the power system for future generations
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CIGRE SA Review Process

              Authors  were invited  to submit abstracts. Each abstract  was peer reviewed by at least
              two reviewers. Authors were not aware of who reviewed their papers. Once the abstract was

              accepted, authors were asked to submit full papers for consideration for presentation at the

              conference. The full papers were reviewed again by at least two reviewers to determine the value
              of the submission for presentation at the conference. Paper acceptance, reviewer comments

              and/or paper rejections were then communicated to the authors.

              A summary of the papers is as follows: 97 abstracts were submitted for initial consideration and

              77 were accepted. 33 Papers were received and 31 were accepted after the review process was
              completed by 30 reviewers.

              Best Paper Awards

              Congratulations to the authors of the 2021 Best Paper Award winners in the following categories;

              Best Overall Paper

              Aradhna Pandarum
              Mitigation measures for increasing penetration

              of solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Distribution networks

              Best Young Engineer Paper

              Niall Coogan

              A Twelve Month Field Analysis of New Overhead Line
              Conductor Coatings to Increase Ampacity/Reduce Power

              Losses in South Africa: Performance and Durability Assessments

              Best Student Paper
              Contimi Kenfack Mouafo

              Benefit of High Voltage Direct Current Transmission in the

              Cameroonian Energy Supply System

              Authors are responsible for the content in their papers and presentations.
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