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Message from the CIGRE SA Technical Co-ordinator

              The 10th CIGRE Southern Africa Regional Conference was hosted virtually
              from 2 to 4 November 2021. The organising committee would like to thank

              all participants for supporting this event.

              The great success of this regional conference marked a significant milestone for our National Committee,
              as it was organized under dynamic and unpredictable circumstances due to the pandemic and economic
              related challenges.

              After the National Committee Chairperson, Mr Prince Moyo, delivered the opening address,
              the conference started with 3 high quality tutorials in the following areas:
              •    Tutorial 1:  B5 - Protection, Automation, and Control of the Evolving Grid, which was presented
                                by Dr. A. Apostolov and Dr. N. Nair
              •    Tutorial 2: D2 - Transport Networks for utilities delivered by G.P. Mbouyap
              •    Tutorial 3: C6 - Rural Electrification given by K. Dedekind

              In the afternoon of the first day, the CIGRE SA Study Committee representatives presented feedback
              from the 2021 Paris Session held by the CIGRE Central Office in August this year.

              There were 31 technical papers of high standard that were delivered over two days in
              5 different sessions categorized as follows:
              •    Session 1: Overhead Lines, Substations & Electrical Installations, and DC systems & Power Electronics
              •    Session 2: Power system technical performance, Power System Operation & Control, and
                                       Power System Environmental Performance
              •    Session 3: Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources
              •    Session 4: Rotating Electrical Machines, Power Transformers & Reactors, DC systems &
                                       Power Electronics
              •    Session 5: Transmission & Distribution Equipment, Protection & Automation,
                                       Power System Environmental Performance, and Power System Technical Performance

              We did our best to ensure that there was something for everyone in the power industry at this conference
              by making the call for papers to cover all the Study Committees of CIGRE. We then received 97 abstracts for
              this joint session of which 77 were accepted for paper submission. Our technical review team received only
              33 papers out of the 77 accepted abstracts with 31 papers finally being presented at this conference. We
              would like to thank the members of the review panel for their efforts in reviewing the abstracts and full
              papers thoroughly and timeously. We would also like to thank the authors for world-class contributions and
              for presenting with passion.

              This Regional Conference was not going to be this huge success without the support from our sponsors
              and media partners. We would like to thank Fortinet, Doble Engineering, ACTOM and Hyosung for their
              generous financial support. We would also like to thank Energize Magazine, SAIEE Wattnow and ESI Africa
              for supporting our marketing efforts and Active Capture for partnering with us in organizing this event.
              Thanks to all the delegates who attended and finally to Dr. Rob Stephen, the past president of CIGRE, for
              continuing to grace our events with his attendance.

                                  On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Technical Board
                                  Sidwell Mtetwa
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