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Technical Papers

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              Session 3
              Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources

       14.    Understanding customer needs in a future landscape: A South African perspective
              Authors: S. Newelani and M. van Harte
              Presenter: S. Newelani

        15.   Applicability of Small Modular Reactors in Sub Saharan Africa
              Authors: D. Nicholls, P. Naidoo, S. Connell, and J. Slabber
              Presenter: D. Nicholls

        16.   Mitigation measures for increasing penetration of solar Photovoltaic (PV)
              systems in Distribution networks
              Authors: A. Pandarum
              Presenter: A. Pandarum

        17.   Battery Energy Storage System usage to support the Distribution System
              Authors: S. Newelani and M. van Harte
              Presenter: S. Newelani

        18.   A South African Context To Distributors Evolving Role To Meet The Management
              Of Distributed Energy Resources
              Authors: M. van Harte, S. Newalani and U. Heideman
              Presenter: M. van Harte
        19.   Development of a feeder hosting capacity tool for South African Municipalities

              Authors: B. Molefyane and L. Mbatha
              Presenter: L. Mbatha

       20.    SSEG Grid Impact Assessments Support for Municipalities:
              Simplified load flow assessment tool
              Authors: F. Oloo, B. Molefyane, M. Rampokanyo
              Presenter: F. Oloo

        21.   Simplified method for the design and selection of a solar photo-voltaic system, South Africa
              Authors: T.J. Naicker, R. Niemand, R. Nel, P. P. Musonza, T. Khumalo
              Presenter: R. Nel
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